Friday, July 22, 2011


For some time now, many people have been asking me to expand on my blog to include more information on current cases, cold cases and most recently, human trafficking.

I originally began this journey to bring resources to our community of searchers so as to learn and utilize the skills we need to make us better at what we do and avoid the typical "burn-out" in the process. However, I realize that we cannot simply stop what we are doing (i.e. searching for these precious missing and exploited children) to learn these skills. This is something that is going to be an on-going process that will have to be done on a time-permitted basis while we are working the cases and helping our teams to find these children.

In order to help more with that process, I intend to step-up the efforts to provide additional resource materials to searchers working on specific cases, whether current or cold, and information to potential searchers who are looking for ways to help find missing children.

To that end, watch for new changes in the blog here that will include additional pages and information related to the international human trafficking/sex trade and how it affects us here in the United States and abroad. I will be covering various areas of discussion relating to trafficking, conducting interviews and sharing stories. I will begin posting information this week but it will continue to grow over time. If you have a website or information about a case that you would like to share, please email me and I will respond promptly.

I will also be expanding the current cases section, adding new links and details for those cases many of us are working on or have worked on in the recent past. This area will be monitored for the latest news on these cases to bring you what is most relevant and active. If you have a particular site or reference information you wish to be included in one of these cases, please email me and I will review your submission and get back to you promptly.

The cold case area will also be updated and I am still taking additional information from readers/followers. If you have a case you would like me to highlight or share with others, please email me and I will review it as quickly as possible. This area will be on-going so check back for new updates.

Thank you for your continued readership. Please check back often as these changes will be taking place over time, with the initial expansions beginning this week.


The Leadership Edge: PSPPR said...

Complacency is a friend of those who wreak havoc on others. When people speak out, no matter in what format, we send the message that harming other people is unacceptable.

Your voice reaches many and hopefully, they in their own way, spread the message enlarging awareness and concern.

Well done!


angel4thelost said...

Thank you, Richard. We are all out here trying to do our part. I hope that I can help find more children and help those who continue the endless battle of searching.

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