Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Holidays Are Approaching...Let's Make it a Season for Miracles

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and with it comes the familiar, warming comfort that envelopes us and makes us nostalgic, more open and inviting towards one another. It is a time in which we tend to let go of animosity that we may be harboring and embrace peace and family.

For those who have a missing loved one, however, it is also a time of bitter loss and constant reminders of their absence. Someone is missing from her regular place at the usually festive dinner table, there are no presents under the tree with her name on them, no pretty crafts or decorations made at school, no Christmas pageants to attend to watch her sing and dance. When a child is missing, every day is a struggle and requires the "one foot in front of the other" mentality just to go on at times, but the Christmas season can become a particularly cruel and difficult time to endure. It is critical that we reach out to those who are suffering at this time and assure them that we will continue searching, continue fighting for justice for their loved one. They need comfort and support now, and they need to know that we are still there, still searching.

It can be a little note or email, a text or tweet...something. Remember, what we are doing for others is reinforcing ourselves as well. Helping others is uplifting, especially during the holidays. If you are on a case now, reach out to your team with that can-do attitude and maybe something special planned for the holiday time, a new search idea perhaps. If you are not on a case now, find one. Be proactive, start a new campaign for a missing child or a cold case. Pass out flyers, start a facebook page. DO something. It will all come back to you, believe me. This is a time for miracles. You could be that miracle for some lost child out there and the family who so desperately wants them home.

We also must take advantage of the holiday season and the hopeful, inspiring message it provides. Let's focus on being hopeful and faithful that our search efforts will pay off. It is easy to be negative and pesamistic. However, let's face it, no one does what we do because it is easy. This holiday season, let's join together and double our efforts to find these children, think of new places to look and new ways to find them. Be effective, be proactive, and most of all, be hopeful.

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