Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Public is Often Misinformed About the Missing

Often times, the public has a misguided view of not only the volunteers, but the missing children we are trying to find.

Many people misunderstand the real danger faced by children who are abducted from a noncustodial parent. It's a parent, after all, so how could we devote our resources that are already stretched too thin to concern ourselves with these cases? Anyone who has worked in this field for longer than 2 months can verify that there is a reason the abductor is a noncustodial parent, and all missing children are endangered.

People tend to categorize all runaways the same...some spoiled brat who didn't appreciate his or her parents and took off. That is not always the case. True, many missing children are runaways, but not all runaways have left voluntarily and not all runaways can easily get home. Many runaways are funneled into the sex trade industry and exploited. We must constantly work to bring awareness of this issue to the public.

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